NOTD: Silver bamboo over green Kiko 388


I really wanted to do this konadicure for some time. My friend Crisese managed to buy me this Konad nail plate M66 in the Primor shop at Rincón de la Victoria and I knew it just had to look incredible over the Kiko 388 that my friend Vanessa gave me as a present at work. So I finally managed to get time to put these two beauties together and here was what I got. Do you like it? I couldn’t resist and just had to add some extra white Butterflies. By the way, this silver nail polish I use for stamping is just great, I am so happy I got it because it leaves always a very crisp design. You can get it from eBay.

  • Base Polish: KIKO 388
  • Stamping: Star Gazer Silver 232 and Konad White
  • Nail Plate: Konad M66

One Response to NOTD: Silver bamboo over green Kiko 388

  1. nimbusaeta says:

    Es un color precioso, el de la base. Me encantan los esmaltes de KIKO, la verdad (aunque no he probado muchos :P), y con plata y blanco hace un contraste muy bonito.

    Enhorabuena por el blog, te está quedando guay, tengo ganas de ver más contenido ;)

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